A 6 month deeply transformational group experience where we will heal your Success Saboteurs and unlock your Ultimate Uplevel, uncover your hidden potential and make you magnetic to success and abundance, in all areas of your life.

Get ready to magnetise more clients, break through plateaus and make more money with ease through Success Imprinting™, my version of modern day magic.

Hi, I am Natasha

I am an Award Winning Success Mastery Coach, Psychology Expert and Transformational Pioneer in the business success industry. I believe that inner transformation is the key to outer success. Through my own personal journey as well as my work with thousands of female entrepreneurs, I discovered 4 key Success Saboteur Archetypes™ that every female entrepreneur has impacting on their success in their business (and life).

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Healing all 4 is what leads to unlocking that Ultimate Uplevel and achieving
success mastery: true success in all areas of your life and business with ease.

are you truly ready to have it all?

I work with women in business who are destined to be leaders and have a huge impact on the world, like you. The only problem is you are still playing small, holding yourself back and sabotaging yourself from achieving what you are truly capable of. You’ve invested in business coaches and courses, you know what you are ‘supposed’ to do, but your Success Saboteurs are stopping you from taking consistent, aligned action and from getting consistent next-level results.

You could spend another few years figuring it all out yourself, but you want more impact, more income and more freedom faster. You want to experience the Ultimate Uplevel and invest in faster results because you know that growth in you means growth in your business


The Ultimate Uplevel Academy will introduce you to the missing ingredient from any personal development or business course you have ever done - the deeply profound work that will silence your Saboteurs, unlock your hidden potential and make you magnetic to success and abundance, in all areas of your life. Because let’s face it, success in one area and not others isn’t really success is it? (I learned this the hard way!).

do you

  • Feel like you are not good enough to be a leader or expert in your field?
  • Feel like you have reached an income ceiling that you just can’t break through?
  • Know that you are not reaching your full potential?
  • Fear being visible as who you really are? 
  • Overgive, overwork and overdeliver and yet don’t see the results you expect in your bank account?
  • Struggle with self doubt, perfectionism or worrying what others think of you?  
  • Sabotage your business, your bank account or your relationships everytime you start to see more success?
  • Wish that you knew how to have more love/success/money with ease, so you can lead a business AND life you love?
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any of that sound like you? 

Like most other women I work with, you’ve probably invested considerably in courses, coaches, read all the books and have been working on your mindset for some time...but you are still sabotaging yourself and keeping yourself from truly stepping into your power and full potential.

Imagine going from constantly sabotaging, sacrificing and playing small to experiencing true freedom (that’s inner freedom by the way!), feeling like a leader, breaking through multiple income ceilings and magnetising success with ease?

what would it be like if...?

  • You felt so confident and good about yourself you show up authentically and you are loved for it.
  • Your energy is so magnetic you have an inbox full of people asking to work with you and you sell out your offers just through social media?
  • You 2x, 3x or even 5x your prices, break through your income ceiling and reach those 5k, 5 figure or even multi-5 figure months (consistently!)?
  • Having strong boundaries with clients and loved ones so you finally actually get to have a life you love too.
  • You truly healed your wounds from the past and were emotionally free to attract more clients, more success and more abundance with ease.
  • Your relationship with yourself and others grow to a new level of love, trust and inner peace you have never experienced before.
  • You were fearlessly visible in your business and attracted opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Increasing your ripple effect and finally being on those stages or writing that book you dreamed of.

These are the exact results that come in DAILY from clients who once felt the same way you do around feeling blocked, stuck and exhausted when it came to breaking through to their next level and really stepping up as a leader or expert in their niche.

That’s where my Ultimate Uplevel Academy can change you, your business and your life, taking you from feeling like ‘having it all’ isn’t possible for you to feeling and experiencing that EVERYTHING is possible for you.

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whats included?

The Ultimate Uplevel Academy is my most powerful and innovative work crafted into a 6 month highly supported group container with mindblowing weekly pre-recorded workshops (released mondays so you can do it in your own time wherever you are in the world) and weekly live Q & A support to heal each of your 4 Success Saboteurs™ and unlock your Ultimate Uplevel. These much loved live sessions are every thursday - all questions answered and replays available. It’s like 4 powerful courses in one experience.

Each of the 4 Saboteurs has a dedicated 5 weeks of deep healing and action taking followed by a week of integration to create rapid and radical shifts in you, your life and your business so you can step into the magnetic leader version of you:


Overcome your ‘Overgiver’ and Love Yourself to Success


Banish your ‘Imposter’ & Awaken your Inner Coach


Own your ‘Outcast’ & Dare to be Truly Seen


Let go of your ‘Hustler’ & Magnetise with Ease

Not only that, but when you are in the Academy you get your full breakdown of your Success Saboteur Archetypes™ (see the picture below for an example) AND access to my library of business workshops with myself and other experts (worth thousands!) to help you uplevel even more.

success saboteur archetype test results

what are the benefits?

  • True freedom from the 4 Success Saboteurs™ that are preventing you from achieving your next level with ease. 
  • Let go of the hustle and make more money, working less.
  • The deepest healing you will ever have experienced (my clients often tell me this!).
  • Break through your income ceilings and achieve consistency in your income.
  • Show up more powerfully as a true leader in your industry.
  • Successfully following your intuition more to guide you with business decisions (no more expensive business coach or waiting for others to give you permission required!).
  • Have amazing relationships AND big income leaps in your business.
  • Confidently selling yourself and your services (attracting WAY more clients and closing WAY more sales).
  • Feel safe to fully step into the limitless success you are so worthy and deserving of and experience true success mastery. 
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Unlike other courses or inner work you’ve tried out there, my work combines the power of working with the conscious mind, subconscious mind, heart, energy and aligned action to collapse timelines and get you rapid transformation in you, your life and your business so you can have it all with ease.

My clients describe my work as ‘magic’ or ‘wizardry’ but really it’s just a unique combination of personally tried and tested scientific and spiritual techniques, I like to call it Modern Day Magic.

This is the exact combination of inner work and action that I took to overcome my Saboteurs and grow a business valued at multi-millions within 2 years in a new niche.

I am widely known for my rapid and unrivalled results in the business success industry with my unique approach to transformation:

Success Imprinting: The 4 Levels of Transformational Healing™:

  • head-healing

    Mind Healing

    (Transforming your beliefs on a conscious and subconscious level)

  • heart-healing

    Heart Healing

    (Releasing buried emotions and healing key life relationships that are blocking your growth)

  • energy-healing

    Energy Healing

    (balancing and unblocking your energy so you show up in a magnetic and powerful way unapologetically)

  • action-healing

    Action healing

    (aligned action taking that brings your version of success into fast reality)

This is NOT like other courses where you just learn information. My courses are deeply transformational experiences that include a mix of information, transformation and integration for rapid and lasting change. Clients see results in the first 1-2 weeks.

are you ready?

When you go through the profound transformational journey in the Ultimate Uplevel Academy, you will not only magnetise more clients, break through plateaus and make more money, you will experience deep healing that will impact on every area of your life and feel a deeper level of love, trust and worthiness than ever before.

If you’ve tried everything else out there and truly want to be able to have it all with more ease and peace, you need to work on YOU. Your level of success in business and life is a reflection of you and the Ultimate Uplevel Academy will totally transform you, your life and your business.

Natasha Bray Ultimate Uplevel Academy Coach

21st February 2022

Starting with Lead with Love  which will help you to overcome your 'overgiver' and love yourself to success


To buy each of these profound courses separately will cost £1200 each (£4800) That doesn’t include the business workshop library (Value thousands!!) OR the amazing paid masterclasses you get to access free as part of your academy membership.

But you can get the whole 6 month experience the Ultimate Uplevel Academy provides for a crazy no-brainer price of just:


(pricing option 1)



£655.50 x 6

£397 x 10

Get instant access to the Business Workshop Library while you wait for the programme to start when you sign up.

vip 1:1 upgrade





£855.50 X 6

proven results

"Natasha can do in one session what takes other coaches and therapists months or even years."

"I've spent $17,000 on coaches and courses and nobody has ever shown me how easy and simple it can be like you have."

"I have achieved more in my business in one month than I have all year."


"I had already unlocked 5 figure months prior to the UUA through other work with Natasha. Going through the Academy I have become more and more confident in who I am, more and more clear on what I want from my life. I'm clear in my ideas. I am more me. The Hustler was my biggest Success Saboteur so my biggest shifts came in the Wealth & Worth Mastery module. For the first time I feel like I am unconditionally worthy, which I have never felt in my life. I don't feel like I need to prove myself or that I need validation from anyone or to impress anyone now. That was alone worth the price of the Academy. When I invest I invest to calibrate to the mentors energy and Natasha holds such an amazing space. Natasha, you over-deliver every step of the way, you are always there for anyone and anything we share you have got us."



"What an experience this has been. I had huge visibility blocks I needed to break through and despite trying many things nothing had quite worked. I've done lots of inner work and had counselling over the years but nothing ever shifted me the way this has. The Academy completely exceeded my expectations. Just a quarter of the way in I felt shifts in my personal life, relationships, self trust and business. The work is fantastic, the support is fantastic - Natasha is a true genius in what she does. I have now had the confidence to go live in front of groups of 2000! I am so much more me now. I have my confidence and self worth back. It has been life changing and I cannot wait for the future now."



"The deep inner work Natasha guides you through, the healing and transformational Success Imprinting sessions she gives are so powerful it is something I never experienced before. After only two weeks in the course, Intuition & Innovation, I felt a radical shift in my mindset and I started experiencing incredible results. I could feel a higher self trust in myself, my worth and my ideas and projects. By 2 weeks into Wealth & Worth Mastery, I realised I was playing small for people pleasing, over giving and undercharging. I was selling every day & I already more than doubled my income in comparison with the year before! By the end of the Academy, I had my first 5 figure launch. The inner coach work Natasha teaches in the course, that I'm doing every day, is so powerful and has unlocked so much positive energy in me, I just love it and you have absolutely to try it because it will change your life."


ANNA, Autism Matters

"When the Ultimate Uplevel Academy came along, it was a no brainer for me. I've seen so many charities in my area across the UK, just gone because of what's happened globally. And we haven't just survived.. We have absolutely thrived because of the work I've done with you. I really can't thank you enough for that. I'd formed beliefs when I was like eight years old, that I'd carried with me forever, that it really wasn't safe to be seen at all. But I became like the visibility queen overnight and I started posting every day. Now my impact is massive. I've got people from all over the country now signing up to what we do. I'm not just a little local charity anymore. Last month we had the biggest month of income ever. We made 58k last month, which is just phenomenal. I've never known anything like it. And it's all because I now see myself as a change maker, as someone here to change the world. I believe in myself. People see me as a leader and I feel like one too. Going through the Ultimate Uplevel Academy not only improves business, it's everything. It's every aspect of your life. My relationships at work have improved dramatically. My relationships with my children. My husband, my husband's family, it's just a massive ripple effect."


any questions?

I’ve tried so many things already, books, courses, programs, coaches, and nothing has worked. How do I know this will?

Here’s what I know. When you work on the 4 levels of healing my Success Imprinting Method provides combined with my tried-and-tested organic marketing strategies, your success is inevitable. If you show up to the calls, listen to the Success Imprinting recordings, go through the workshops, and apply the strategies, this will work for you. Those things you already tried didn’t work because they didn’t focus on your healing first, and they didn’t use this unique blend of healing and teaching. The Ultimate Uplevel Academy does. And when you’re mind, heart and soul are aligned, You become unstoppable.

This feels like a big investment, how do I know it will be worth it? 

I think the real question is whether you believe YOU are worth it. I know you are, and you’ll know you are once you experience the magic in Ultimate Uplevel Academy. I know that money can be a big decision-factor, and that’s why every module has money work on some level and we even have a whole 6 weeks dedicated to it on Wealth & Worth Mastery. If it helps, most of the women who go through this make their investment back within just one month.

I already feel like I have so little time, how can I fit this in? 

When something is important to you, you make time. This is the single most important investment you will ever make. We collapse time in your success journey with this course and have a high level of support and accountability for you. You could carry on doing what you are doing and waste time not getting anywhere fast. Or you could give me a few hours a week and see the most dramatic change in you, your life and your business you will have ever seen.

I’ve already done hypnosis. Is THIS the same? 

This is not the same as anything else out there. My innovative approach to unlocking next-level rapid results from my clients comes from my own unique and groundbreaking methods that come from my 14 years in transformation and healing work with thousands of entrepreneurs. Many of my clients have tried hypnosis, CBT, NLP, counselling and even years of psychotherapy and have not had the level of healing they have had in a short space of working with me.

Get instant access to the Business Workshop Library while you wait for the programme to start when you sign up.

Pay in full Discount

(Pricing option 1)



£655.50 X 6

£397 X 10

vip 1:1 upgrade





£855.50 X 6

Results Disclaimer

The results stated above are results from personal and client results. Results are not typical and these examples are used for reference purposes only. Results will vary depending on (but not limited to) your background, experience, and commitment and stage of business you are in. 

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